Sanctuary reopens after annual top-to-bottom refurbishment

Early every January, the resort closes The Sanctuary for a top-to-bottom refurbishment (cleaning & polishing) making the hotel virtually brand new.  The lobby is totally cleared of all furniture and rugs and floors refinished and furniture and drapes cleaned.  Here are some of the things that were done January 3-7, 2013:

  • Total square feet in wooden floors refinished: 38,455
  • Pieces of furniture cleaned: 201
  • Total square feet of tile cleaned: 14,534
  • Square feet of the 22 area rugs cleaned & repadded: 113,216
  • Repaired the Ocean Room bar wood that was warped and installed a moisture barrier behind the bar
  • Cleaned 10 set of drapes in the lobby as well as all of the Jasmine Porch drapes
  • Installed tile in Jasmine Porch to help the floors in the server area
  • Cleaned all hoods in the kitchens
  • Installed a salon door and work station in The Spa
  • Refinished The Spa front desk and locker desks
  • Refinished Spa chairs in the treatment rooms
  • Totally cleaned and refurbished Spa whirlpools

In addition:

  • The Fire system was recertified – 1,149 initiating devices were inspected and tested
  • Our annual fire drill was conducted in 3 minutes with 60 participants
  • Seven security agents were recertified in criminal law, civil law, handcuffing, medical & trauma assessment, report writing, accident investigation, officer safety, building and area checks, burglar & fire alarms, radio operations, emergency shut-off locations
  • Locks reinstalled on all meeting room doors