Gift from the Heart

The Turtles’ Nest Art Studio loves Valentine’s Day!  Show someone that you love them by taking the time to create a unique and “gift from the heart” handmade gift! No matter who it’s for (siblings, parents, or grandparents), it’s always possible to make a great gift from the heart in the Turtles’ Nest Art Studio. Whether it’s due to your artistic details, the kiln cycle, or both, homemade presents can take a little bit of extra time, so when making your gift in the Turtles’ Nest Art Studio it’s a great idea to plan ahead.

If you aren’t planning on coming to Kiawah before Valentine’s Day, here are a few favorite Valentine’s Day crafts for kids you can do at home:

  • Frame Decorating: Painting a frame is a simple and easy craft that can be spiced up so many ways! The frame can match the theme of the picture, the colors of room or nothing at all! It doesn’t have to be perfect; it’s a creative way to capture a special moment!
  • Hand print painting: This is my favorite type of heartwarming craft! The possibilities are endless! I love flower handprints for Grandmothers and spring! I also love when the handprints come together to form a heart, you could write “Be Mine” inside the heart too!
  • Seal it with a kiss! You can use non-toxic paint on the lips of an older child to add cute little lips to any masterpiece!! It’s guaranteed to be a hit! A fun bonding experience to make, and definitely a talking piece!
  • Q-tip painting: This is a fun twist on ordinary painting that kids will love. You can start by drawing an outline and let the Q-tipper go from there!
  • Bowls and Boxes: Create a unique way to store knick-knacks on a desk or dresser. They are fun to make out of glass, but there are many that you can buy and paint and decorate!
  • Learn a new skill such as knitting or crochet! This involves some planning ahead since it can take time to learn and create something such as a scarf, but the gift receiver will definitely appreciate your time and effort!

Here are a few tips from the Turtles’ Nest Art Studio for creating your Valentine’s Day Masterpiece:

  • Have fun! Let it be messy! Just be prepared: Cover the work surface, use paints that are washable, wear a smock and roll up your sleeves, have wet wipes handy, and try to do it somewhere that the floor can be cleaned easily (just in case!).
  • Think of who you are giving the gift to: what are his or her favorite colors? What is something he or she could use?
  • Take the time to make a little card to go with your present!

With these ideas and tips in mind, we wish you the best of luck at creating a beautiful project, or two, for those you and/or your kids care about!  Happy Valentine’s Day!