2012 Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon

Kiawah Island; a barrier island that is 10 miles long and 1 mile from beach to river…so how is it possible to find 26.2 miles of road for a marathon? Well, we’re not quite sure, but it works!

Race Day 2012: Set the alarm for a brisk 3:30am. Knowingly, this year is a little different than last year…new courses, more runners, warmer temperatures, etc. Waking up for this event is easy; in fact, you can barely sleep the night before. You’re excited, your coworkers are excited, and the runners are excited. The best part is knowing that along with the runners, we are accomplishing something as well. It’s one huge hurdle we have to jump, both runners and employees, and once the sun comes up it’s evident we can both reach it.

This year we have 2 new fantastic racecourses. If there is ever the race that boasts wildlife and scenic views, Kiawah is it. If it’s clear, you can see the Ravenel Bridge spanning from Charleston to Mount Pleasant. But the scenery doesn’t stop, it’s a fantasy run the whole Half and Full Marathon. With over 4,000 runners here to experience this kind of race, I can safely say that 2012 is on its way to being the best.

Post race: With perfect skies, the racecourse was fast, and so were our runners! Here are the first place finishers with their times:

Men’s Half Marathon—Adam Freudenthal (1:08:39) from South Carolina

Women’s Half Marathon—Sarah Morrison (1:20:13) from Pennsylvania

Men’s Full Marathon—Glen Thompson (2:40:13) from North Carolina

Women’s Full Marathon—Tammy Lifka (2:50:25) from Illinois

We wait all year for an event that lasts mere hours. But the time and effort everyone puts in is evident in the runner’s faces when they cross the finish line. I can say with confidence that the 2012 Kiawah Island Marathon has been our best yet!