Finding Relaxation on Vacation

As many Americans continue to sustain the mentality of using their limited time off from work for a “See it all, see it fast,” vacation, we have inadvertently misplaced a core aspect of the original endeavor of relaxation on vacation.

Luckily, for guests of Kiawah Island Golf Resort, relaxation is prominent and thriving through a variety of mediums. This is due, in large part, to the tranquility that the island brings accompanied with a slowed down atmosphere of living compared to other resorts and vacation hotspots.  Finding ways to reduce stress enhances the experience of leisure…whether vacationing at Kiawah or elsewhere, here are a few tips for finding that much needed relaxation on your next vacation.


1.       Make a List: Making a list of things you would like to partake in while on your vacation.  Before arriving on Kiawah, take advantage of island experts, like our Recreation Specialists.  By suggesting activities based on your group’s interests and activity level, our Recreation Specialists can organize and de-stress your entire Kiawah experience.

2.      Unpack Your Suitcase: Being unorganized can be stressful; take 10 minutes and put your clothes and belongings away-the time will make up for itself in the morning.

3.      Exercise: The best known, scientifically proven way to significantly reduce stress is through exercise. Physical activity reduces stress and releases endorphins, so you become more in tune with your body and more apt for relaxation after the exercise. Bike the beach, kayak the Kiawah River , stroll or run Kiawah’s extensive trail system. Remember: exercise does not have to be sweaty hard work.

4.      Get In The Water: Water has a soothing ambience about it; embrace that ebb and flow whether it be the ocean, river or pool. Get on a paddle board or hop in a kayak, the water’s waiting!

5.      Pamper Yourself: Self indulgence is relaxing. Everyone wants to indulge in something different on vacation, and that is completely natural. Find your niche and do it-even if only once. Go to the spa, find peace in watching dolphin play, appreciate Kiawah’s amazing evening sky on a sunset cruise—find time for what you like to do.

6.      Get Enough Sleep: Ever heard of the term R and R? There is a reason Rest and Relaxation go hand in hand. There is no need to stress over the effort of trying to ‘get it all in’ by waking up early and staying up late. Rest up and enjoy each individual moment for what they are-Memories.

7.      Find Your “Me Time”: The mind, body and spirit need opportunities for introspection. Do not deny yourself that opportunity, instead seek it out or let it come naturally when the atmosphere for such arises. A spontaneous yoga session on the beach or a moonlight walk could do the trick.