How do we celebrate fall in the Turtles’ Nest Art Studio?

Celebrate fall with NEW CRAFTS!

This fall we have new ways to transform our pottery, glass, and canvases into magical fall masterpieces!


Fall is the perfect time for entertaining. If you are hosting a football party, game night, or Halloween party, a handmade centerpiece is a special talking point!

It gives your gathering a personalized touch, and the guests feel closer, rather than having generic store bought decorations.

For example, tiles decorated with fall leaves make a fun hot plate to serve hors d’oeuvres. In addition, kids love the joy that comes with Halloween. In the Art Studio kids can paint a pumpkin box which will last much longer than painting a traditional pumpkin! It’s easy to get caught up in the business of the holidays and entertaining friends and family, but don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the season by making it one to remember!


Glass projects are another way to add a unique personalized touch to decorating your home! The art studio has a variety of new options and colors that are perfect for fall. Glass is a wonderful medium to work with, and although the finished project is fragile, it is sure to last for years to come.

Some ideas for creating glass projects for your home include sun catchers, small or large bowls, votive holders, and night lights. Fall is all about lighting; lanterns, pumpkins, candles, etc. creating a soft glow just seems to go with the slight chill in the air of the season. Imagine the cozy atmosphere that candle light shining through beautiful glass colors in a votive holder would create!

Fall is also a time for ghost tours and scary movies, and what better way to keep those villains out of bad dreams than with a beautiful hand-made night light!


Meet our newest craft in the Turtles’ Nest Art Studio. A painted canvas is certainly beautiful, but by adding buttons to give the painting dimension, it takes on an exciting new look. A button tree is a great addition to a pre-teen’s room. Button trees can be made with any type of theme colors. The art studio has a variety of buttons to complement your style, but did you know white buttons can be dyed? We have plenty of white buttons and combined with the dye from tye-dye, anything is possible! In addition, button trees are a great way to get in touch with your artsy side without having to be a perfect painter! They are made to be fun to create and enjoy!

You can start small, or large or even make a series! Painting is a great way to relax and unwind. Take a break from fall and holiday planning to create something awesome!

The Turtles’ Nest Art Studio is located at the Straw Market in the West Beach Village.  This fall’s Open Studio is Tuesday- Saturday 11am-3pm and everyone is welcome. For information on art studio classes, check out the activity guide.  For class reservations, please call 843. 768. 6001.