Kiawah Spa options to help you “Refocus for Fall!”

As fall approaches, other than spa treatments, several things come to mind for me –

  • Where did the summer go?
  • Thank goodness the humidity left with it!
  • Oyster roasts are back!
  • Where am I with my New Year’s Resolutions?

I am so grateful for the mornings and the clear blue skies that I have a resurgence of energy for all of the goals set at the beginning of the year. Workouts are a bit more consistent and work is a bit more intense as I work to accomplish the “to do” list in the remaining months of the year. It is that beautiful time between the carefree days of summer and the free-for-all chaos of the Holiday season when schedules are manageable and focus comes easily. It is the perfect time to concentrate on giving back to the body with healthy eating, exercise, and regular body work. There are several treatments at The Spa at The Sanctuary that integrate into these goals perfectly.

Executive Renewal Massage 60 Min. $180
The upper-body aches and pains that come from many days of travel and too many hours at the computer are eased with penetrating heat, healing arnica, and deep tissue techniques focused on your neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. Designed with the needs of the business traveler in mind, this one-hour escape soothes accumulated stress and prepares you for the challenges of your next meeting…Or your next round of golf.

Fitness Assessment Package 3 HRS./$360
Allow a CHEK Practitioner to help you set realistic fitness goals through a comprehensive assessment of your posture, flexibility, core function and movement patterns. This will be followed on the next day by a 1 Hour Personal Training Session to learn specific cues and techniques to properly perform your program.

Pluff Mud Manicure/Pedicure Manicure: 60 Min./$70 Pedicure: 60 Min./$95 Relax with a hydrating soak followed by exfoliation and mineral-rich pluff mud mask. Metabolism is boosted and detoxification is increased while you rest in this soothing mask. Includes natural nails and cuticle care with your choice of polish application or buffing.