Art Uncorked – Sept. 13 featuring Jimmy Craig Womble II at The Sanctuary

Jasmine Porch and Wells Gallery welcome Jimmy Craig Womble II as the first artist of the season at Art Uncorked, September 13th beginning at 5pm. Living on the coast of North Carolina, Jimmy Craig Womble II shows a great love and passion for the works he creates.  He received his BA in graphic design from North Carolina State University, Raleigh in 1995.  Since then, Jimmy Craig has been experimenting in different mediums and techniques to find what allows him to tell the story of his subjects.

“I paint that which has usually been overlooked by many as old, run down, or without value.  Abandoned houses, old barns, rusty vehicles, and the detritus of a once thriving farming and fishing region find their way into many of my works.  They tell a story of the south that I could never put into words.  Rust and decay is a physical reminder of the passage of time, and speaks of those who have struggled to make a life in the south.”

Jimmy Craig has had many shows throughout the Carolina areas including gallery representation throughout North Carolina. The Wells Gallery is proud to represent Jimmy’s work for the first time in South Carolina. Jimmy Craig has relocated to Beaufort, NC where he lives and paints with his wife and three children.