Top 10 Reasons Kids Love Kiawah Vacations!!

Here are the top 10 reasons why kids love Kiawah vacations:

1.      The events are fun for everyone!!

From toddlers to teens there are endless activities for children of all ages. You can sing songs and swim at Kamp Kiawah, take an art lesson in the afternoon, compete in a basketball tournament, attend movies and festivals at night and dance the night away at Club Kiawah on Friday nights!! Kids ages two to seventeen can come on vacation and have numerous things to do each day. Kiawah kids never have to look far for something fun and exciting to do whether you are staying at the Sanctuary, Villas or a private home or rental, we can promise that you will never get bored at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. The kids can attend various events alone or with siblings to return and share their experience with others. Each day Kiawah Island Golf Resort offers several events for children. These include Kamp Kiawah, crafts and an array of other indoor and outdoor activities. The children learn kamp songs, make fun souvenirs and meet friends from all over the country while participating in these activities. Many of our kampers keep in touch throughout the year and count down the days until their Kiawah summer vacation begins so that they can reunite with their friends and favorite kamp counselors.

2.      No event is ever the same.

A huge aspect of Kiawah is our commitment to creating fun and building memories, which we have successfully done for many years. Although from year to year many events remain the same, we have found ways to expand them in ways to create new exciting guest experiences. Whether we are adding new toppings to our Sundaes on Sunday or constructing a brand new children’s pool at Night Heron Park, children come back each year looking forward to doing some of the activities Kiawah Island Golf Resort is known for. Each time their experience is a little different because of additions or changes in a traditional activity. Many ideas are unknowingly invented by the kids and success is seen through their laughter and enthusiastic reactions!!

3.      We make new friends everyday!!     

Whether it is your first time to Kiawah Island Golf Resort or you come every summer, there are always new faces at kamp and our other events. It is a great way for children, parents and counselors to build new and lasting friendships through shared interests and memories. There is no better way to start your day than to see two kampers recognize each other from the previous day or summer and run to hug each other like they had been lifelong friends!!

4.      They can test their artistic abilities in a number of ways at Turtles’ Nest Art Studio.

From glass fusing and pottery to wood burning and knitting, there is something for every artistic interest. This encompasses all ages from toddlers to teens for classes and open studio. Younger kids love stopping by Turtles’ Nest Art Studio with their parents or grandparents for the Messes and Masterpieces class where they bond in making beautiful art while older kids enjoy creating memoirs for their Kiawah Island Golf Resort vacation. Children take their art home as a reminder of the great vacation they experienced.

5.      We can touch real, live alligators AND get the chance to meet the Moose who lives under the pavilion!

Where else would you get the opportunity to meet and touch an alligator from the Nature Center, play in a pavilion where a moose “lives”, and even enjoy his favorite summertime drink – Moose Juice!! The kids enjoy learning about alligators, singing songs to our Moose and some have even spent an entire afternoon of Kamp Kiawah on a wild moose chase for the juice that Mr. Moose hid from kamp.

6.      The Kamp Kiawah theme is different and exciting each day of the week!!

The Kamp theme changes every day! From Aqua Adventure and Summer Olympics to Mysterious Moose Day and Dr. Seuss Day, there are new activities, crafts and themed snacks each day of the week. With our enthusiastic kampers and counselors Kamp Kiawah is fun for all. The kids love cooling off on our slip n’ slide, competing in Olympic relay races and spending a whole night dedicated to Kiawah Golf Association by playing all imaginable types of golf games.

7.      We have awesome new water facilities!!

In West Beach and Night Heron Park we have brand new pools for the summer of 2012!! The Night Heron Children’s pool features two slides that kids can race down only to get squirted by water cannons at the bottom and swim a little further to get 30 gallons of cool water dumped on them from a giant bucket. The toddlers also enjoy a splash zone just for them including an alligator water slide and baby bouncers. They love the huge water playground and it is a great way to stay cool on a hot summer day.

8.      Become a part of the Kiawah Island tradition.

For many, Kiawah is a part of their family vacation memories. From the kick off Sunday night sundaes to Wednesday night festivals at Night Heron Park and our week long Fourth of July activities, these events have become a tradition for many families. These families have also become a part of our Kiawah traditions. Many families visit regularly and become a part of our traditions just as we do for them.


9.      There are tons of cool prizes to be won!!

Whether you are at pool games, Tricky Trivia, 3 on 3 basketball or our other exciting events, there are thousands of great prizes to be won!! Prizes range from gift cards and packages to Kiawah Island logo prizes and more. The kids love competing and even more, knowing that not only first place winners receive a prize. Here at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, everybody wins!

10.  Kiawah Island offers many opportunities for youth to learn new things.

Why not have a great learning experience and try something new while you are on vacation. Here at Kiawah we offer numerous lessons for various activities and skill levels. Whether you want to learn to ride a bicycle or are interested in learning how to surf we have something for everybody. Lessons are offered in bicycles, swimming, archery, disc golf, paddle-boarding, surfing, kayaking and golf. These lessons are for beginners and those with a higher skill level. What better way for a child to create a memorable vacation than learning something monumental that they will talk about for months!!