Refreshing Summer Spirits and Local Pairings

            June 21st was an evening paired with high end tequila and fresh, local culinary (summer spirits and local pairings). The night began with a light breeze on the patio of Jasmine Porch restaurant. Here friends, family and new acquaintances enjoyed the spirits of Herradura Tequila. The cocktail of the hour was none only than the traditional Paloma. Attendees eagerly sipped this delicious summer beverage as the sun set over the Atlantic. The Paloma is tequila based cocktail, most popular in Mexico. This summer time favorite blend calls for:

–          1 Large Lime Wedge

–          1 ½  oz. Herradura Tequila (here we used El Jimador Blanco)

–          2 oz. Simple Syrup

–          2 oz. Soda Water

                       After a brief reception on the beautiful patio the crowd moved into the restaurant. Chef de Cuisine, Ryley McGillis and Sous Chef, Franke Jones were joined by their culinary team to plate a four course meal, complimenting the bold tequila flights. On the menu that evening we had:

1st Course: Stone Crab and Tomato paired with Herradura Silver

SC Stone Crab- Salted Black Tomato, Cherokeep Purple Tomato Sorbet, Yellow Tomato Cheips & Pickled Green Tomato

2nd Course: Scallop and Watermelon paired with Herradura Reposado

Compressed melon, Smoked Scallop, Berry Consumme with Sunflower Sprouts & Lemon

3rd Course: Pork and Vegetables paired with Herradura Anejo

Heirloom Pastured Pork, Sweet Corn, Baby Squashes with Chicharron & Serrano

4th Course: Cake and Candy paired with El Jimador Blanco

Crème Fraiche Cake, Avocado Mousse and Lime Cotton Candy

A word from the chef:

“I was having a discussion with a colleague after our Woodford Bourbon dinner and he suggested that we host a tequila dinner.  I was immediately hesitant, thinking to myself that it would be a struggle to pair food with straight tequila.  I was concerned that our new “spirit dinner series” following would be uncertain about this particular dinner and we would have a small turnout.  My fellow chefs at Jasmine (Franke Jones, Sous Chef & John Hoffman, Culinary Supervisor) convinced me that it would be a fun challenge and we decided to commit to the dinner.

Even though it was quite the challenge to pair courses with the tequila, a couple things came to mind right off the bat.  Tomatoes, Salty Pork, Lime & Seafood.  We used these as our starting points for each course, adding the accompaniments and applying the cooking methods with the flavor profiles of the tequilas in mind.  All in all it was a lot of fun for us and we hosted another successful dinner.  Next we will be hosting our first wine dinner for the year!”

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