Birds and Barbecue

As if the freshly roasted oysters, Lowcountry mac & cheese, sweet Southern corn bread and steaks fresh off the wood fired grill at the Mingo Point Oyster Roasts are not enough, evenings at our Oyster Roasts also provide some of the island’s most spectacular sunsets and incredible bird watching opportunities.

Arrive early and visit the Naturalist in the Outpost at the head of our dock, where you are certain to find Red-wing Blackbirds, Brown-headed Nuthatches and an island favorite, male Painted Buntings. Look towards our kayaking dock and you are sure to see our resident Great Egrets and Green Herons. While dining, keep an eye over the river. As the sun begins to set, large flocks of Black Skimmers and American Oyster Catchers are often seen traveling to their nighttime roosting areas. Although rarely seen, the “clapper” of the Clapper Rails are commonly heard coming from the spartina grass.

As the summer progresses, Wood Storks, start appearing in larger numbers, as do Belted Kingfishers now that their nesting season is complete. Don’t forget to look up! Flying high up in the sky you might catch a glimpse of Bald Eagles as they are returning to Kiawah for the winter season.

If you cannot get enough of Kiawah’s avian wildlife, our Naturalists offer a 30 minute river cruise aboard our eco-tour boat during the public Mingo Point Oyster Roasts. This cruise provides a fascinating glimpse into all of the native creatures in the Kiawah River, including perhaps Kiawah’s own inshore Bottlenose Dolphin pod.