Friendship and Fishing is All You Need

Moving to South Carolina has led me to a couple rituals I like to practice often. Of course one of them is going to the beach, and the other?…fishing. Relocating from Michigan, I had fished in bodies of fresh water such as the Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair all of my life. My grandfather taught me to fish at a young age and after many years it is still a fun and relaxing activity I practice often. After moving down here, fishing became a foreign sport to me just based on the many differences between saltwater and freshwater angling. But that didn’t stop me. I purchased my rod and reel (and license of course) and with a little help from local knowledge, I began my new approach to fishing. It was clear I needed more direction…I don’t think catching barnacles was anything to write home about.

As a male, it’s hard to admit when you need help, but in this case, I needed a lot. What better way to gain some knowledge on South Carolina angling than to take a chartered tour? Needless to say, it’s been about 8 months since booking my first tour, and I am addicted. The ease and comfort of using a professional and well practiced captain makes all the difference, and Kiawah Island Golf Resort has no shortage of these gurus. Besides knowing where the fish are, they know how to make yourself and your party relaxed. Captain John Ward, to name one, has taken care of the few tours that I have embarked on, whether it was with family or friends, he brings a ton of knowledge and easy going attitude out on the water.

There is only one thing better than catching fish throughout the tour, and that’s sharing those moments with friends and family who will duplicate the smiles and laughs that will be had. One of my most fond memories was going out there with my closest friends while they visited the area. For four hours we reminisced about old stories and future endeavors—no better way to catch up. There’s no better feeling than showing off the natural beauty of the Low country, especially around Kiawah. For half of the day, the pressure of even catching one fish is lifted when you get to experience the rivers, creeks, reefs, or deep sea fishing grounds. I highly recommend booking a fishing tour during a visit to Kiawah Island to see the unique species in our rivers and ocean.

A few things you shouldn’t forget at home when going on your tour:

A hat—keep your head, ears and face protected from the sun.

Sunscreen—always use sunscreen, especially on a boat where you may be exposed for a while.

Water (if not provided)—stay hydrated, the sun can wipe you out quicker than you think down here.

Sunglasses—these are a must, especially with the glare reflecting off the water. Remember, your eyes are prone to sun damage, even when not looking directly into it.

Camera—this one is pretty self-explanatory. Don’t you want documentation of that world record Red Drum you caught while on the Kiawah River?