Karen Larson Turner Featured at March 29th Art Uncorked at Jasmine Porch


Karen Larson Turner

Jasmine Porch and Wells Gallery feature Karen Larson Turner at Art Uncorked, March 29th

For Karen Larson Turner, becoming an artist was the natural continuation of her favorite childhood pastime. Her earliest memories include hours spent on the floor with a sketchbook, producing countless drawings from her imagination. Later, she discovered the joy of drawing and painting from life.

Turner graduated from Calvin College in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 1992, her love for the craftsmanship of traditional oil painting inspired her to further study at the School of Representational Art in Chicago, Illinois.   After completing the program, Turner set to work as a full time painter, exhibiting in a variety of galleries and accepting private commissions.  Karen is most well known on Kiawah for the murals she created in The Sanctuary Resort.  She continues this style in to her now famous landscape paintings.  Each of her works draws the viewer in so they feel the warmth of the sunset or hear the waves rolling along the shore.  Her work is so masterfully done that each scene transcends its soft intricate brushstrokes and allows the viewer to be swept into the moment.

“There are countless images before us wherever we go; the curve of a road, the fleeting shadows on a porch, a formation of clouds.  Those scenes which cause us to stop and stare, if only for a moment, those things that inspire awe or contemplation…grand or humble…these are worthy to be remembered.”

 – Karen Larson Turner