H2O, Let’s Go! Pool games

The weather is starting to warm up and it’s almost time to get back into the pool- let the summer games begin!  Whether you’re organizing games for friends in your backyard pool, or working at a Poolside Resort this summer, pool games are a “cool” way to extend hours of poolside fun.  When leading pool games, energy and a positive attitude are crucial for the game facilitator.  The pool game leader has to get all participants involved and engaged in the activities.  Without the crowd’s interest, it can be difficult to keep everyone’s attention, a feat that many may have a hard time overcoming.  With a few pointers from our event staff, we hope we can help you enjoy leading pool games!

Pool games are very similar to being a DJ at an event or party.  The DJ can control how much fun people are having on the dance floor by playing high energy music and getting everyone dancing.  Similarly, in pool games you can captivate your poolside audience by being energetic and playing fun games.  Remember to be aware of the time you spend facilitating the games. To ensure both you as the game leader and the participants are not losing interest, a good length for pool games is approximately one hour.

When leading pool games, always start with a strong introduction.  Speaking on a microphone and in front of a crowd may be tough for some, but the introduction can be short and simple.  A good opener is the following: “Hello! Welcome to the Night Heron Pool.  My name is Jordan and I will be starting pool games in five minutes.  We will be playing Buzz Bomb Balloon, Poison Pool Toss, Plug the Leak, and also a Hula Hoop and Limbo Contest.  Please join us and yes, there will be prizes!  Everyone is encouraged to play including kids, teens, parents, even grandparents.  The more the merrier!” This introduction sparks interest, and mentions a start time, who can play, and what games will be played.  Stating your name lets everyone know who is leading, and that you are the person to ask if any questions arise.  Mentioning prizes also helps grab attention.  We’ve found that logo prizes are perfect for the kids, and we always make sure every kid gets a prize by the end of the hour, even if they do not win any games.  Everyone wins!

When you are ready to start the pool games, state a location for everyone to meet.  If you have a small number of participants, it is often successful to walk around the pool and ask families to join.  A little personal encouragement to participate can go a long way.  The families in our Resort pool are often willing to join in on the fun.

Wondering what games you can play for an hour to keep your players engaged the whole time? Here is a timeline that has been very successful.  Play five different games, with each game lasting ten minutes.  The transition between games will be a total of about ten minutes and playing five games for ten minutes equals your hour.  Along with the games mentioned in our game announcement, the following are a few more games to mix in: Karaoke Plank, Under-Water-Whispers, Soaking Slippery Sponge, and Rubber Ducky Derby.  These games are great for all ages and perfect for the ten minute time period.  Remember, it is important to adapt with the crowd- if the kids really like hula hooping then play it longer than ten minutes.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort Recreation Department offers poolside games throughout the summer and during most holidays.  Check out the schedule in the Resort’s seasonal activity guide and come join the fun!