Irish Whiskey Dinner

“Wow, people are pairing food courses with whiskeys?” Quote from a recent U-T San Diego article, regarding the new ‘trend’ and hype of the culinary world. This article goes further into a conversation between friends regarding Irish heritage and the ever-so growing trend of pairing multi-course dinners with specialty beverages like Irish whiskey.

Ryley McGillis, Chef de Cuisine of Jasmine Porch explains the marriage and art of pairing great cuisine with fine Irish Whiskey as they prep for Thursday, March 15th Bushmills Irish Whiskey at Jasmine Porch. “Each whiskey has extremely different flavor profiles, most notably oak, vanilla or sherry. The bresaola (hanging meat from picture) has notes of rosemary and black pepper and is going to be served with smoked blue cheese and preserved vegetables. This is going to pair excellently with the Bushmills black, which is all going to be offered for our first course.”

Chef John Hoffman describes the desert course, “the almond flour in this cake is paired with the vanilla and slight nuttiness of the whiskeys initial sip.  Bushmills Irish Honey has clean, creamy honey finishes that will complement the richness of the chevre and thyme ice cream.”

Educating the masses, Ben Arnold/Diageo South Carolina Representative, Roxanne Burkett gives a little history about Bushmills whiskeys. “Receiving the Original Grant to Distil in 1608, Bushmills has always been a 100% malt distillery and the quality of the whiskies is a culmination of over 400 years of malt distilling heritage. Bushmills whiskeys are distinctively smooth and full of flavor, whiskeys that are easy to enjoy.”

Tomorrow night we discover how this marriage of Lowcountry cuisine meets Irish Whiskey plays off. Like us on Facebook to see images from Thursday night’s event.