Farm to Table: Ambrose Farms to the Kiawah table

As firm believers in the “farm to table” approach to food preparation, all of the members of The Atlantic Room culinary team are very proactive and involved with local farmers and purveyors.  The team’s goal is to create long lasting partnerships that both benefits the restaurant’s guests by serving them locally sourced produce of pristine quality, and the farmers who have a consistently reliable outlet for all of their hard work.

Ryan Courtright, Sous Chef at The Atlantic Room, recently visited Ambrose Farm on Wadmalaw Island to help with the picking of some of the produce that was later used in the restaurant.  Here’s his report:

The farm is way back in the country, down dirt roads, then all of a sudden you pull around the corner and there are huge fields with a vegetable stand in front.  Mr. Ambrose showed us around his farm, through the greenhouses and fields telling us what he has planted at the present time and what would be available in the upcoming spring. As we talked about collard greens, Carolina sweet onions, his fabulous strawberries, he even took our suggestions on what to grow for the upcoming season that would be viable in our Restaurants. He was just as excited to see his produce featured on Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s menus as we were to support him and have access to this incredibly fresh, organically grown, fabulous produce.

It’s great to be able to support local farmers, especially when we see the pride and dedication they put in their work; when last week we had temperature in the low 20’s Mr. Ambrose and his father had to take shifts through the night keeping the sprinklers going to avoid losing their entire strawberry crop. That’s how hard and risky their job is, they could lose it all in one night!

The Atlantic Room and the rest of Kiawah Island Golf Resort restaurants are proud supporters of Mr. Ambrose and many other local farmers and fishermen and will continue to push for fresher, wholesome foods as well as a stronger community where these great, dedicated people can continue to do what their families have done for generations.