To Slump or Not to Slump

Thanks to the arrival of our new Kiln, we are able to offer a wider selection of crafts for the whole family to enjoy making at the Turtles’ Nest Art Studio. Glass fusing is the newest craft offered at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. It is a kiln technique that enables you to create unique and beautiful projects. Glass is an amazing material which can be used over and over and it never weakens. Glass fusing is the art of breaking and arranging colorful pieces of glass, which when finished, goes into the kiln to fuse into one solid glass piece.

You may think that the art of scoring and breaking glass would be the most difficult part of glass fusing but you would be mistaken! The cutting is the easy part… it’s deciding on what to create that makes glass fusing complicated. Whether you are full of artistic talent or not, everyone seems to have some difficulty deciding on what to do because glass gives you so many ways to create a lasting memory. You can cut and arrange an abstract project or you can create an elaborate beach scene with your glass. Either way everyone is excited to see how the final project is going to come out after it has gone into the kiln.

Once you have gone through the difficult process of designing your project you are faced with another obstacle; to slump or not to slump? What??? Slumping is the process of softening your project into a particular shape. This requires a mold and putting your project into the kiln for a second time at a lower temperature. The project is placed on top of a mold in which it heats up just to its’ softening point and “slumps” to take the shape of the mold. Slumping can turn your flat glass tile into a decorative bowl, a candle holder, or a beautiful jewelry dish.

So many choices!

The Turtles’ Nest Art Studio in West Beach offers weekly glass fusing classes.  The perfect opportunity to get creative!