Meeting “P.R.O” – Tips for a successful site visit

Here’s the next in our series of valuable tips for meeting professionals by long-time resort employees who have extensive experience in producing extraordinary meeting and conference experiences.  The tips are entitled “P.R.O. Meeting,” standing for Productivity, Rewards and Opportunityand appear on the resort’s web site (  This tip is by Marty Couch, the resort’s Director of Group Sales:

Tips for a successful site visit

A successful meeting starts with your site inspection. Before your visit to the property make sure your sales contact has a clear understanding of the vision for your program so they can be prepared to help you make the most out of your site inspection.

Clarify objectives

Provide a clear overview of the objectives of the program. Is it a high level meeting requiring tight security or an incentive program to reward employees? Are spouses and/or children included?

Provide specific meeting requirements

  • Is there a hierarchy when it comes to room and suite assignments? Is there a requirement for a specific number of kings, queens, double/doubles?
  • Are there any special requirements for check in process?
  • What transportation requirements are there?
  • Provide a detailed overview of your meeting program including any staging, audio visual and room dimension requirements.
  • Do you bring in your own production company?
  • Do you require advance set up and tear down time?
  • Are there other competing groups that you need to avoid?

Detail your food and beverage needs

  • Are outdoor venues of interest?
  • Will you incorporate any themes?
  • Are events buffets or plated?
  • Do you have any special requirements for staging, audio visual or lighting?
  • What kind of budget do you have for each function?

Let us know how important recreational needs are to your group

  • Are teambuilding programs of interest?
  • Will you need reserved spa appointments during specific free time periods?
  • Are advance tee times or a block of times for tournament play required? Is it a shotgun event?

Identify your key decision making items

  • Identify what your priorities are in order of importance (creative food and beverage, security, meeting rooms, sleeping arrangements, outside venues etc.)

Pet Peeves

  • Tell us what they are!

In summary, the more you can tell us in advance of your visit the better job we can do to maximize your time at the property. If security is of utmost importance we can arrange time with our Director of Security. If creative food functions are critical we can prepare ideas in advance to review with you. If kids are involved we’ll be ready to discuss program options with you. The more you can tell us about your program in advance of your visit, the better job we can do to maximize your investment in time with us.