5 Ways to Get More from Earl Klugh’s Weekend of Jazz

So you’re planning to take in the Weekend of Jazz at Kiawah this weekend, but are you really ready? Here are five ways to get more from the Jazz Weekend.

1. Listen to some Jazz

This tip is for all you jazz newbies out there. Don’t just say you like jazz, find out more about it. Listen to the radio, watch jazz TV programs so you start to develop a sense of the styles of music and the instruments that most appeal to you. Then you’ll be able to decide which of the featured artists to focus on at the Jazz Weekend.

2. Find out more about Jazz

Once you’re starting to get familiar with the music, it’s time to do some research. Take a jazz history course or surf the web to find out more about the history and culture that led to the music. It will mean more when you hear it if you have all the info.

3. Research the artists

Do you know all the artists performing at the Jazz Weekend? If not, check out their bios and listen to the music on their sites so you know which ones you really love before the weekend starts.

4. Meet other jazz fans

Kiawah Island will be hosting thousands of jazz fans when the weekend begins. It’s a great place to swap stories of gigs you’ve been to and debate your favorite singers.

5. Enjoy the surroundings

At the Weekend of Jazz at Kiawah, there’s more to do than listen to the music. Enjoy nature, play golf, visit the spa and more to get the most from your jazz weekendhttp://www.kiawahresort.com/jazz-weekend-at-kiawah.php  Day of show tickets available!