Ocean Room’s Southern Living “Taste of Charleston” Southern Harvest “Pate”-Melt

-Mibek Farms Peanut-Hay Fed Beef

-Ashe County Marble Cheddar

-Benton’s Bacon

-Sweetbay Farms Butter Lettuce

-Geechie Boy Mills White Cornmeal

-Sea Island Honey

What do the above items all have in common? First of all, they are all southern gems symbolic of the evolving availability of amazing products readily available to us. Next, they are all components of our Southern Harvest “Pate”- Melt that we created exclusively for the 2011 Southern Living Taste of Charleston held at Boone Hall Plantation this weekend (Oct 7-9, 2011).

For our dish we took the amazingly marbled Mibek Farms (Walterboro, SC) beef and made it into a luxurious pate. Next, we stuffed this pate in some white corn brioche made from Geechie Boy Mills White Cornmeal (Edisto, SC). To take it a step further we added a smokey Benton’s bacon (Tennessee) and onion jam, marble cheddar from Ashe County Cheese of West Jefferson, NC, and tender butter lettuce from Sweet Bay Farms (Huger, SC). Come see us this weekend so you enjoy your very own “pate”- melt and get a true taste of what our South has to offer.