Top 10 Kamp Kiawah Supply Picks

We like to think we have mastered the talent of how to keep kids entertained. However, when running Kamp Kiawah, everyday leads to a new discovery.  The toys and activities that we have found to work consistently with a diverse and large number of kids are bound to create excitement and fun.  These engaging activities have the components of promoting peer socialization, sparking creativity, along with providing the perfect amount of challenge. Any toy or activity with these three ingredients is inevitably going to be successful. Below is a list of Kamp Kiawah’s top 10 supply picks.

1.       Marble Madness

  • With the endless variation of towers these plastic pieces have the ability to build, kids will be entertained for hours. Don’t forget to have lots of marbles, and it always helps to have a step stool handy for those towers that are classified as “the tallest towers ever”.

2.       Moon Sand

  • Anything kids can run their fingers through is a hit. Moon Sand is a great sensory toy for more than just the 3 & 4 year olds because all kids are intrigued by it’s texture.  Moon Sand is also non-toxic and gluten free just in case a child gets too curious about the texture.

3.       6 ft. Basketball Hoop

  • Sound short? Not to them!  The younger crowd loves it too when they can actually make a basket, even if it is when you lift them up to do so.

4.       Hula Hoops

  • Who knew something so simple could keep a kid active? Once kids have mastered 1 hula hoop keep on adding more! What about hula hooping with your eyes closed, on your knees, on one foot and around your neck? The possibilities are endless…

5.       Flexees

  • Belts, chains, flowers, tiaras, bracelets, penguins… there isn’t much these little, bendy, buildable, plastic rectangles can’t do! Kids will love them so much, it’s hard for them to put them down. We often find them in their pockets or backpacks in hopes of sneaking them home.

6.       A parachute

  • Working together, kids can figure out how to turn a parachute into a tent, make it look like the ocean and play a fun game of cat and mouse. Having all of this fun will make them forget it is actually just a parachute.

7.       Inflatable Alligator, Orca or Dragon

  • Gator or whale wrestling is a great competition amongst kids. Not only that, but trying to fit 3 kids on one inflatable at a time is always a challenge and supplies many laughs. Make sure there is an air compressor close by, attempting to blow up one of these inflatables yourself is harder than it looks.

8.       Giant anything…. Jenga, beach balls, Connect Four

  • Being a child, playing with anything that is taller than them is always intriguing. Building blocks can easily become a giant game of Jenga, and large beach balls are great for a large game of soccer.

9.       Mini Trampoline

  • This is a great idea for 3&4 year olds when it comes to working with their balance and coordination. Just make sure the trampoline doesn’t end up under the 6ft basketball hoop…

10.   6’x4’ Chalkboard

  • Chalk is a great way for kids to be creative, especially when there is plenty of room to do so. It’s great for doodles and even practicing handwriting. Don’t forget the 3D chalk for an even more real life image.