Family Reunions

Not enough hours in the day, we often say
we watch as the business of life allows time slip away.

Before we know days turn to months and months into years,
Time is mapped with laughter and cheers,
the long road sometimes landmarked with sadness and tears.

Elders pass and children grow,
has it been that long we ask, where does the time go?

Not every chance to gather is taken.
“We’ll see them next time” we say and hope we’re not mistaken.

A chance like now comes once in a lifetime it seems,
when the bright light of family is nurtured and beams,
there will be laughter and time to reminisce
we will all be proud this is a chance we did not miss.

The chance that is expressed in the poem above is the chance to spend a moment in life with your most loved ones.  The “laughter and time” can be an easy fix by planning a family get-together.  Times such as the ones you should not let slip away can be easily fixed with family reunions.  In order to plan your next family reunion, follow these easy steps and you’ll be glad you did not miss out.

1. Create a guest list – get in contact with at lease one person from each family to gather all contact information

 2. Assign a committee – give specific tasks to one individual for smooth planning

3. Pick a location – choose one that will fit the needs of the entire family, possibly one that has accommodations and specific activities

4. Select a date – choose the final date based on what the majority availability is

5. Organize a Family Reunion logo – for T-shirts, or hand bags!

A family reunion gives the adults a chance to chitchat and catch up while the children can run free playing games with each other. Cherish the moments together, the funny jokes and the stories from your grandparents.  But most of all enjoy your precious time as a family.  There is no better time than the present and if you’re struggling with planning your next family reunion, remember all you need is your family and honestly, there is no better alternative in the world than that.