July Fourth Osprey Point Renovation Update

Sprigging the Fairways
Sprigging the Fairways

 As of July Fourth, the Osprey Point renovation is right on schedule. For the past eight weeks, our crew has been working tirelessly stripping the old grass, grading fairways, shaping tees and fine tuning the irrigation system in preparation for the new Paspalum Platinum grass. This task has been coordinated with great precision to minimize the time between when the grass is harvested in Furman, SC (approx. 2 hrs. SW of Kiawah) until the moment it is planted on Osprey’s fairways. The sod farm harvests the sod before dawn in order to have the day’s first shipment at Osprey Point by 6:00AM. The crew immediately unloads the 18 rolls of sod from each semi-truck, finding a cool shady area for storage until they are needed by the sprigging crew. In total, we will have received well over 20 semi-truck loads of sod rolls to complete the fairways. From this point we feed the sod rolls to the sprigging machines almost non-stop. The rolls are placed in the machines, which feeds the sod into a shredder as it unrolls it. The shredded sod now becomes sprigs that are thrown onto the ground in front of the discs that cut them into the ground. Two sprigging crews work each fairway, up and down until every square foot is covered with fresh sprigs. Another crew follows behind them, cutting-in the fresh sprigs one more time before finally rolling them with a huge, water filled drum to smooth out the fairways.

Practice Green- 5 days
Practice Green- 5 days

Practice Green - 10 days
Practice Green – 10 days

Practice Green - 19 days
Practice Green – 19 days

For the next couple of weeks of the Osprey Point renovation, the Superintendent will water the fairways almost continuously throughout the day, just like they did when the greens were planted. The greens have now been planted for 3 weeks and have already received their first mowing. The greens continue to be fertilized and top-dressed to accelerate the grow-in. The fairways were treated with a pre-plant fertilizer, but will also continue to be fertilized as well. We still have plenty of green-side bunkers to finish lining and filling with sand. Once all the tees and fairways are planted, the bunkers will be the final piece of the puzzle to be put back together. At that point we will literally be watching the grass grow. I’ve been told that the more people stare at the grass, the faster it will grow. So if you are in the area, stop by to see how it’s coming! I just hope it’s not like the old saying about boiling water, “ A watched pot never boils.” 

Osprey Point's new landscaping look
Osprey Point’s new landscaping look

One other very noticeable improvement worth mentioning is the revitalization of the Clubhouse landscaping. The entryway and parking lot trees have all received a long overdue pruning, improving the visibility of the Clubhouse as you arrive. The biggest change has been to the island inside the driveway. We have removed the shrubbery and palmetto trees, leaving the beautiful live oaks and freshly pruned crepe myrtles over a clean and manicured lawn of zoysia grass. Fresh, seasonal flowers surround the base of the flag poles. This leads up to a small botanical garden at the front of the Clubhouse. All of these improvements create a much nicer sense of arrival to Osprey Point Golf Club and Cherrywood BBQ.