Osprey Point Update for early June

Osprey-18 second shot 2

Well it’s been a few weeks since our last update.  Here’s our early june Osprey Point update: 

Rest assured the construction crew has been very busy since our last update. At this point the crew is putting the final touches on the greens before receiving sprigs late next week. All 18 greens have been floated-out, the final shaping of contours. This process ensures the greens mix is distributed consistently and ensures proper surface drainage so that water is not left standing on any part of the green. In simple terms, this returns the greens back to their original contours and shapes.

Osprey-10 green side bunkers

In conjunction with floating-out the greens, they are also finishing up the green-side bunkers this week and next week. All of the green-side bunkers will have been re-built. This includes new drainage, new bunker liner and new sand. The bunker liner serves two vital purposes, keeping the native soil and drainage gravel from contaminating the sand and preventing erosion of the bunker faces from rain and irrigation. Finally the green-side bunkers will receive new sand before we plant the sprigs. Completing the green-side bunkers prior to grassing is essential because once the greens are sprigged, they will be watered very heavily and almost continuously to grow them in completely. This also allows the sand about four months to settle and compact properly so when we re-open there should not be any ‘fried egg” lies in the bunkers.

Osprey-11 Bunker  and Green

Besides the greens complexes, the 2nd & 18th fairways have both received over hauls. The old greens-side bunker sand was amended into those fairways to aid in drainage. The fairway contours were changed as well. The 2nd fairway received subtle changes to the contours to ensure positive drainage in the low areas as well as improved surface drainage throughout. The end result may not be very noticeable on this fairway as the changes are more subtle to the casual eye. However the casual eye will notice a new fairway bunker has been added between the two original fairway bunkers as well as extending two green-side bunkers back along each side of the approach, guarding the green. The most noticeable fairway changes have occurred on the 18th. Gone are the moguls (may they rest in peace)! Additionally, the landing area has been re-graded to improve drainage which had always been a problem. This may not be too obvious, just enough to move water towards drains and not allow water to sit there as it did. The steep slope leading out of the landing area has been lessened and transitions into a gently rolling fairway that opens up the right side of a very wide fairway as it wraps around the lake towards the green. The right half of this fairway is now so much more inviting without the moguls that had been there. Although the sever mounding is gone from the fairway, there are still mounds in the rough that transition into a more subtle, yet playable rolling fairway. Players will have more room for their second and third shots on the 18th hole.

Osprey-18 third shot

Once they complete the grassing of the green the crew will turn their focus to preparing the rest of the fairways and tees for grass. Stay tuned! And as usual, remember the Pro Shop and Cherrywood BBQ are open. Stop in and see us and enjoy lunch.  


Target dates for grassing Osprey Point:          

Greens – Mid June      

Fairways – First week of July  

Tees – Second week of July