Family Tee brings families together through golf

Family Tee

While many vacation destinations offer special “family” deals for Father’s Day, Kiawah  offers its Family Tee program all summer long.

“Kiawah Island’s Family Tee is a wonderful way for beginning golfers to get out and learn the game in a pressure-free environment and it is a great way to encourage family togetherness,” said Brian Gerard, Kiawah’s Director of Golf .  “One of our goals of this program is to grow the game.  Family Tee helps accomplish that by getting younger players out on some of the finest resort courses in America at a reasonable price in a very relaxed environment.”

Kiawah Island’s Family Tee program runs two weeks around Easter, all summer long beginning at the end of May through the start of September on four of the resort’s championship courses (Osprey Point, Turtle Point, Cougar Point and Oak Point).  Starting times are on 15-minute intervals from 6pm and 7:30pm allowing plenty of time between groups so players don’t feel pressured.  The program also runs for two weeks around Thanksgiving and the two weeks around Christmas/New Years starting at 3pm.   Family Tee tee markers are set in each fairway so no hole is longer than 250 yards.  Everyone in the group – mom, dad and the kids – play from that set of tees.  Adults resort guest pay $50 per round and children under 17 play free of charge (non-resort guests pay $65).  Children must be accompanied by an adult and vise versa.

The resort has junior club sets to its rental program and created scorecards for the courses where the family course setup was incorporated.

“This program creates a lot of goodwill and helps us build our future customer base.” Gerard said.  “And, as an added benefit, it helps alleviate the ‘guilt factor’ for parents who spend their mornings on the course by allowing them quality family time in the afternoons.”