Drill #1 from Lead Instructor, Abby Welch

This is the first of a series of drills prepared by Lead instructor, Abby Welch (one of Golf Digest’s “Top 40 instructors under the age of 40”) that will help get your game in shape for the coming golf season.

a. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and arms down to your side.  Now just turn your hips toward you target like you would finish your golf swing.  Your hips, chest, and back foot shoelaces should be pointing at your target.  This will show you how to finish your golf swing

b. Put your arms across your chest in an X form with your hands on your shoulders.  Take a small swing back with your shoulders and then come all the way through your swing like the previous drill.  This shows you how you use your hips and shoulders to swing the golf club not your arms and hands

c. Now extend your arms like you would hold a golf club with your palms touching.  Swing back half way and make sure your thumbs point up, then swing forward and check your finish – again: chest, hips, back foot shoelaces, and fingertips should point at the target and also the thumbs point up.

This helps you get through the ball and into proper balance throughout the swing.