Disc Golf: Yes, it’s a sport!

When most people think of a Frisbee, they think of a frustrating round disc that dogs are born to catch.  Most adults haven’t thrown one since they were a kid.  Now, Frisbees can bring on a whole new level of joy and frustration when it’s combined with one of America’s favorite pastimes, – golf.  Welcome to Disc Golf.

It all started in the late 1960s, with people creating courses made up of golf holes that included anything from trees to fire hydrants. The game has changed but the objective has always remained the same, achieve the lowest score possible.

Today’s equipment has evolved from what we would typically consider a Frisbee; the discs are heavier, smaller and more aerodynamic. Taking on the same concept as golf, there is a tee box, a fairway (sometimes), hazards and a basket that acts as the golf hole. The basket is unique, usually containing of chains clinging to a central pole with a metal basket underneath.

Even in the Charleston area, disc golf courses are starting to pop up, with Kiawah’s being the most recent. Since 2000, more than 2,500 new courses have sprung into open fields, wooded forests and state parks nationwide. The Night Heron Park Disc Golf Course on Kiawah boasts some challenging par 3s with plenty of live oak trees standing in the way between you and the hole.

So if you want to show your dog how it’s really done, come try it out on the Night Heron Park Disc Golf course.