5 New Year’s Resolutions for Meeting Planners

With the New Year underway, it’s the perfect time to revaluate work, strategies, and goals to get the most out of what you’re trying to achieve. With colleagues feeling refreshed and re-energized, now is the time to get managers on board with your plans for your next team meeting, whether it be a corporate retreat, team building opportunity, product launch, or so on.

Keep these resolutions in mind as you outline goals and objectives for your next team event, ensuring you get the most out of your meeting here on Kiawah Island!

1. Vow not to overwhelm attendees.

Whether you’re having an intimate strategy session, or a product launch for hundreds, the one constant to maximizing the ROI of any meeting is to set a humane rhythm to enhance productivity. Incorporating a few breaks is a must.

Though it seems like a common-sense approach, improving how we work by not working is still a relatively new idea. A study from the well-respected journal Cognition found that “even brief diversions from a task can dramatically improve one’s ability to focus on that task for prolonged periods.

To strike that perfect balance, the goal is to plan a stimulating, productive meeting; something memorable where participants are kept fully aware and immersed in the task at hand. To create that atmosphere, distraction plays a key part in immersing participants.

Here are our top tips and suggestions for quick breaks to incorporate into your organization’s meeting plans.

2. Challenge presenters to create engaging sessions.

Planning and organization are really only half the battle when it comes to meetings, because just as you wouldn’t consider an event without attendees a true ‘success,’ you likely wouldn’t consider an event with a disengaged audience a success either.

With a little forethought, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure your meeting in South Carolina is a true success – complete with engaged, attentive conference guests that are both content and productive.

Let the expert South Carolina meetings and events planners here at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort help guide you in the right direction with these tips for keeping your audience engaged.

3. Use the local environment to inspire attendees.

From world-class cuisine, to unique sights, attractions, and activities, Kiawah Island offers so much that will inspire, motivate, and recharge your colleagues. Our one-of-a-kind, sought-after destination is a selling feature for most of our guests, so please, take advantage!

Local Cuisine

When it comes to mealtime, proper nutrition is essential to fuelling a successful conference, meeting, or event.

Not only do conferences and the like tend to extend beyond the hours of a typical work day, but they also demand prolonged concentration for longer stretches of time. As such, conference organizers are routinely challenged with how to keep conference attendees engaged throughout the entire event.

The good news? There is one very basic thing you can do to prepare your guests for the day ahead: provide them with the best nutrition possible.

This doesn’t have to mean serving up a plain (read: boring) meal – in fact, at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, it means quite the opposite! With Lowcountry bounty all around us, we have just what you need to fuel your guests while also engaging and exciting them in the all-important mealtime.

Discover how to use culinary experiences to create a memorable meeting on Kiawah Island.

Local Activities & Attractions

When it comes to planning meetings and events here on Kiawah Island, the island itself is an important piece of the puzzle, bringing guests from near and far looking to discover a little piece of paradise.

Though our meeting rooms and facilities on Kiawah Island are second to none, your delegates will be much more excited by the prospect of the things to see and do on the island, including tennis, golf, kayaking, spa visits, and much more.

Beyond the meeting room, discover 5 things your delegates can see and do after your meeting on Kiawah Island.

4. Commit to going green.

As ambassadors to Kiawah Island, nature, and our guests, we’re proud to contribute in every way possible to preserving our planet and promoting green conscientiousness. Part of what makes Kiawah Island so special is its natural beauty, and we want to be able to continue sharing that with you and your delegates for many years to come.

When planning your next meeting or conference on Kiawah Island, talk to us about how you can make a difference in helping the environment, and consider these simple tips for holding a green meeting.

5. Stay on budget.

We know what it takes for your event to go off without a hitch. From perfectly planned menus, to unforgettable entertainment, to the comfort and leisure your guests need in order to be productive.

We also know the costs associated with all of these things, and are here to help you navigate your budget and plan the best possible conference or meeting on Kiawah that sticks to your bottom line.

So don’t let budget concerns get in the way – experiencing the magic of KIGR on a budget has never been easier with these helpful tips on how to keep your meetings and conferences on budget in South Carolina.

Find out what else makes Kiawah Island the perfect meeting destination.

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